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Free Download PC Games Rapelay with Crack, Patch, Update full version. In this blog I will review this game included: Download Link Rapelay with patch, Rapelay System Requirements, Rapelay Screenshots. Rapelay is a genre of adult gaming, 3D Eroge. Rapelay game was created by Illusion was released on 21 April 2006. Rapelay game is banned in Argentina, Malaysia and Thailand because this game depicting pornography and sexual abuse content.

RapeLay is contend from the angle of a chikan named Masaya Kimura, who stalks and afterwards rapes the Kiryuu family (a mother and her 2 daughters). The player will select from a range of sexual positions, and controls the action by creating movements with the mouse or by scrolling the mouse wheel. It options a practical sexual machine that permits the player to grope and undress the characters on a huddled train. Later, the player could have forced intercourse with all 3 ladies at his leisure. The player includes a kind of sexual positions to settle on from like girl on prime, forced fellation (irrumatio), and threesomes. RapeLay additionally includes a "nakadashi" (internal ejaculation) counter, that carries a danger of physiological condition. 

After finishing the plot and "breaking" the women, there area unit six modes of gameplay. 

  • Nozoki mode, wherever the player watches the woman wait within the depot, and upon spoken communication a prayer, will blow their skirts up with the wind, exposing their underclothing. once bound achievements are created, the player has the choice of removing the girl's covering also as inserting vibrators, however no touching is concerned. 
  • Chikan mode is analogous to Nozoki mode, except the player goes into the train with the woman and fondles them with the flexibility to get rid of their covering. 
  • Two player or "2P" mode, during this possibility, the player will make out with anybody of the 3 ladies. the most character is in peril of being killed beneath bound circumstances, however there are not any level restrictions. there's additionally an possibility of various sex positions as well as sexual perversion. 
  • Five player or "5P" mode, wherever the player is restricted to 1 sex position, with 3 different males raping one woman throughout gang rape. the amount restrictions for this mode embody locations with tiny house. 
  • Shippo, additionally referred to as "3P" or "4P" mode. during this mode, the most character is ready to possess sex with 2 or 3 of the women promptly. 
  • Neko-Kappa mode isn't playable, and might be solely viewed within the Botuplay additional CD. however the first plan is that Neko-Kappa mode permits the player to possess one or 2 ladies bound enslaved

Rapelay System Requirements
Minimum System Requirements: 
Processor: Single Core from Intel or AMD @3.0 GHz 
Operating System: Windows XP 
Memory: 1 GB of RAM 
Graphics: 256 MB Shader 3.0 
DirectX: 9.0c 
Hard Drive:2 GB Free Space 

Recomended System Requirements: 
Processor: Dual Core from Intel or AMD @2.7 GHz 
Operating System: Windows Vista, 7, 8 
Memory: 2 GB of RAM 
Graphics: 512 MB Shader 4.0 
DirectX: 9.0c 
Hard Drive: 2 GB Free Space

Rapelay Screenshots
Rapelay Screenshots

Rapelay Screenshots

Size: 1 GB
Password: GGGames

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